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EV x Sultanah Bridal & Boutique

Multimedia Campaign to boost brand visibility


As the blessed month of Ramadan approached, a time when many prepare for the joyous celebration of Eid by adorning new clothes, we had the opportunity to collaborate with Sultanah Bridal & Boutique, a renowned bridal and boutique store. Despite their relocation, the boutique faced challenges with awareness and a reduction in visitors. To reinvigorate their brand and drive footfall, we orchestrated a comprehensive multimedia campaign that seamlessly blended traditional and digital channels. Our strategic approach aimed to reintroduce Sultanah Bridal & Boutique to their loyal clientele and capture the attention of new customers.

Radio Commercial and Newspaper Ads / / Media Consultancy / Copywriting / Audio Production / Graphic Design

To kick off the campaign, we produced a captivating radio commercial that resonated with listeners across Warna 942, a popular Malay radio station. Through a witty dialogue between two ladies, the radio commercial highlighted the boutique's commitment to exclusivity and class. Through this engaging exchange, we evoked a sense of desire and aspiration, inviting listeners to experience the magic of Sultanah Bridal & Boutique during this festive season.

Complementing the radio campaign, we designed eye-catching newspaper advertisements that graced the pages of Berita Harian. These visually striking ads, accompanied by an editorial writeup by the BH editorial team, showcased the boutique's elegant collections, enticing readers to visit their new location.

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2. Sultanah BH SUPP 120324.png

Establishing a Digital Footprint / / Media Consultancy / Website Development / Graphic Design / Copywriting 

Recognising the importance of a strong digital presence, we embarked on creating a comprehensive website for Sultanah Bridal & Boutique. Our team meticulously designed and developed a visually stunning online platform, complete with captivating photography and compelling copywriting. This new website served as a powerful digital storefront, allowing customers to explore the boutique's offerings, learn about their rich heritage, and stay updated on the latest collections and promotions.

Furthermore, we orchestrated a targeted advertising campaign on, leveraging the platform's extensive reach to connect with a tech-savvy audience. Through strategic ad placements, we drove awareness and directed potential customers to Sultanah Bridal & Boutique's newly established online presence.

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