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EV x Keep It Coming

Podcast & YouTube Channel


In our relentless pursuit of innovation and content creation, our team embarked on a new journey — the creation of our podcast and YouTube channel, Keep It Coming SG ("KIC").

Led by our Director, Adi Rahman, an accomplished radio presenter, seasoned emcee for community and government events, and experienced NDP commentator, KIC serves as a vibrant platform for sharing inspirational human interest stories from a diverse range of individuals across Singapore. These stories encompass personal challenges, moments of victory, and valuable life lessons.

Video & Audio Production

From pre-production to filming and editing, our team worked tirelessly to ensure that each episode upholds a high-quality standard for both podcast and video release on YouTube. We also created trailers for every episode and repurposed our original interviews into shorter, dramatised videos for an engaging throwback series.

  • YouTube

Website Development / / Graphic Design / Copywriting

Every brand requires a central communication hub, and that's precisely the role of our website. Engineered to provide a user-friendly experience on both mobile devices and desktops, the website brings together all of KIC's resources. This includes the audio version of the podcast, video companions available on KIC's YouTube channel, and access to all of KIC's social media accounts.


Social Media Management / / Graphic Design / Copywriting

In today's era, no marketing strategy is whole without the inclusion of social media. As the content proprietors of KIC, we embraced creative freedom to the fullest extent, exploring diverse formats for social media – ranging from static posters to captivating stories and video reels that offer a sneak peek into the interview highlights of each episode. To foster interaction, we also partnered with select interviewees to host sponsored giveaways.

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