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EV x Esplanade

'Sayang Di Sayang': Kartina Dahari Tribute Concert


While one might label it a 'distant memory,' the remarkable opportunity to collaborate with the late legendary keroncong singer Kartina Dahari remains etched in our hearts. This once-in-a-lifetime venture holds a timeless significance for us, encapsulating the essence of a truly special experience.

The grand tribute concert, held at the iconic Esplanade Concert Hall, stands as a testament to our collaboration with Kartina Dahari. This event brought together a constellation of stars, including her former singing partners and musical collaborators: Julie Sudiro, Kassim Masdor, Sugiman Jahuri, M. Ismail, and Jamilah Samsuri. The performance was accompanied by a 42-member orchestra, masterfully conducted by local maestro Amri Amin.

Video Production

As part of our contribution, we were entrusted with producing a series of captivating videos that were artfully presented as fillers during the concert. These videos not only added an enriching layer to the overall experience but also paid homage to Kartina Dahari's remarkable journey and lasting legacy.

Events Planning & Management

EV's involvement spanned the entire stage production process, from its inception to its triumphant execution. With unwavering dedication, we meticulously ensured that every facet of the event reflected the tribute's grandeur and heartfelt sentiment. Our comprehensive engagement allowed us to deliver an event that resonated deeply with both the performers and the audience.

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