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EV x Jamiyah SG

Video Production for Zakat Collection


In this campaign, EV collaborated with Jamiyah Singapore to create a series of poignant zakat videos highlighting the organisation's supported homes: Darul Syifaa’, Darul Islah, and the now-closed Darul Ma’wa (ceased operations in December 2021). Alongside interviews with beneficiaries, we captured footage of their living conditions within these homes. This approach aimed to evoke viewers' compassion, encouraging them to contribute their zakat to Jamiyah and improve the well-being of the vulnerable members within the local Muslim community.

Through the power of visual storytelling, we aimed to shed light on the challenges faced by these beneficiaries and the crucial role that zakat donations play in transforming their lives. This campaign exemplifies our commitment to utilising impactful media to bring about positive change and foster a stronger sense of community support.

Video Production

EV x Jamiyah

EV x Jamiyah

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