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Video & Audio Production


One of our more challenging yet unforgettable campaigns involved our collaboration with Health Promotion Board (HPB). Initially tasked with producing a 30-second music jingle in the Malay language for their "Awak OK?" campaign, our creative efforts aimed to address healthy lifestyle habits, especially pertinent due to the increasing diabetes cases within the Malay community.

Following its enthusiastic reception, the project expanded beyond its original scope. We transformed the jingle into a full-fledged song and further adapted it into a vibrant dance music video. The video was designed to resonate with students, effectively imparting the importance of adopting a health-conscious way of life from a young age.

In this endeavour, EV's very own Director, Adi Rahman, provided the lyrics for both the original jingle and the song crafted for HPB. We also collaborated with a skilled local choreographer and a team of youthful, fresh-faced, and talented dancers who featured prominently in the music video. Subsequently, after the music video's release, these dancers took part in several of HPB's community roadshows.


This campaign stands as a testament to our team's versatility and commitment to transforming creative ideas into impactful initiatives that resonate with the target audience.

Radio Jingle / / Songwriting / Composing / Audio Production


Awak ok?

Pentingkan hidup dengan

Tabiat yang sihat


Langkahnya mudah

Kurangkan garam dan gula

Lebihkan sayuran

serta buah-buahan

Bersenam selalu

Seratus-lima-puluh minit seminggu


Periksa kesihatan

Rokok? Katakan, "Jangan"


Awak ok?

Gaya hidup sihat      

Kita Bersama

Awak ok?

HPB Awak OK? Radio Jingle
00:00 / 00:32

Video Production



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