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EV x Designer Bengal Singapore

Social Media Content Curation & Management


Our engagement with Designer Bengal Singapore, although brief, was an absolute delight, since who can resist the charm of cats? Collaborating on a project where felines took the spotlight allowed us to expand our creative horizons in conceptualising social media posts and captions that resonated with the brand's audience.

Social Media Posts / / Graphic Design / Copywriting

Through carousel posts presented in a Q&A style, we crafted a series of interactive dialogues between fans of Designer Bengal Singapore and the brand. These exchanges served to convey informative facts and research-backed advice about cat-related matters that cat-lovers might find intriguing. Simultaneously, this approach aimed to cultivate a warm, friendly, caring, and knowledgeable brand persona.

Social Media Paid Ads / / Graphic Design / Copywriting

For their paid social ads, we infused a touch of relatable humour, endowing the cats featured in the creatives with the spirited personality that felines are renowned and adored for. In addition, we delved into alternative copies for A/B testing, aiming to discern which type of ad would yield better performance. This approach enabled us to not only engage the audience with an element of entertainment but also to strategically optimise our advertising strategy based on data-driven insights.

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