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EV x AMP Singapore

Media Publicity Campaigns for AFYS & RFS Fundraising Efforts


As one of our cornerstone clients since our inception, AMP Singapore's fundraising initiatives—specifically their Adopt a Family & Youth Scheme (AFYS) and Ready for School Fund (RFS)—occupy a special place in our hearts. Although contributions to these causes remain open throughout the year, AMP Singapore typically orchestrates media campaigns biannually. To date, the concerted publicity endeavours have resulted in AMP raising over $2 million since the early 2000s.

Radio Advertising / / Media Consultancy / Copywriting / Audio Production

Year after year, AMP has garnered substantial backing from the Malay-Muslim community in Singapore, particularly during their biannual radio charity drive campaign. As the endorsed media agency overseeing AMP's account, EV not only facilitates their campaigns but also offers counsel on language and tone to resonate with listeners' empathy. Moreover, we assist AMP in crafting their radio commercials, using succinct dramatic dialogues to vividly convey the challenges endured by AMP's beneficiaries and the urgency of their needs.

Video Production

In synergy with AMP's radio charity drive, EV has contributed to conceptualising and producing multiple fundraising appeal videos over the years, spotlighting real-life beneficiaries of AMP. Filmed directly within the interviewees' homes, we invite donors to witness the daily trials and demanding living circumstances faced by the beneficiaries. A central tenet of our videos lies in the emotional resonance achieved through realistic and genuine portrayals of the beneficiaries' lives.



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